Neeman Leoreh Zman company was established in 1980 as a Private company by Shmulik and Eli Neeman in food and consumer import and market.


Neeman Leorech Zman specializes in importing and marketing of food and non-food products, consumer products, and detergents and  is one of the leading importer in Israel.


Neeman Leorech Zman also markets made-in- Israel products Along with unique products imported from all over the world.


Neeman Leorech Zman's products assures highest kosher certification by well-known rabbinical authorities including badatz Beit Yoseph, Badaz Ha'Eda Ha'raradit, Ba'alz, Badatz Hatam Sofer, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and others.


Neeman Leorech Zman's products are well distinguished thanks for their uncompromising quality according to the strictest international standards.


Our product final user is the consumer and the different categories are:


  • Food products
  • Spreads, syrups and sauces.
  • Honey products
  • Baking products
  • Instant food powders
  • Base productsBarbecue products
  • Cleaning products
  • Tinfoil and nylon products
  • Paper and disposable products
  • Lighting product


And much more…


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Neeman Leorech Zman products are daily distributed and delivered to more than 2,500 customers throughout Israel. Among our customers: supermarket chains, convenience stores, retailers, wholesalers, mini-markets, private stores and more.Neeman Leorech Zman also exports all over the world.


Neeman Leorech Zman has a customer's reserve for many years and nevertheless the company expands her horizons to new markets all the time, preserving always the old customers.


Our logistic center is in _________ with warehouses, logistic center and offices.The logistic center provides daily delivery of all our products throughout Israel.


One of the motto themes of our company is purity reliability, Customer service and persistence.

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